Roof Installation & Repair

IMG_6901Ever since 2001, Master Gutter has been in the business of rain gutter services, roof repair, and roof installation. We have the know-how and expertise to ensure your roof is repaired to the highest standard or, if it’s time for a new roof, we are the Los Angeles area’s best roof installation experts.

When is it time for you roof to be replaced?

The most common determining factor is age. Do you know how old your roof is? Is it the home’s original roof? Experts say a typical roof lasts around 20 to 25 years. Of course, this all depends on where you live and what kind of climate the roof is exposed to. It also matters if the old roof under the current was removed or not. Do you only have a single layer of shingles? It is also important to determine how well the shingles were ventilated. If your roof installation was twenty years ago or more, it’s very likely now time for a new roof. If it is that time, and you’re looking for a Los Angeles roofing contractor, Master Gutter is the best choice.

Another important factor in deciding when it’s time for a new roof is the condition of the shingles. Roof shingles that have curled and buckled are a sign that a new roof should be installed. You can inspect your roof to see if the shingles are in poor shape. On a sunny day, go outside and look at the slopes of your roof. If you see shingles that are coming apart and losing granules, or if you notice any curling, it’s likely they are in their last days. It’s also a possibility that the roof underneath is defective. If you are unable to tell if your shingles are in poor condition, call us Master Gutter and we can help.

One of the most overlooked parts of your roof is what is called the roof “valley.” The roof valley is the area where two adjoining sloped roof sections intersect creating a “V” shaped depression. The roof valleys are crucial to proper drainage. Rain and snow melt converge in the valleys and flow down to the rain gutters. If you notice any damage around the area of the roof valleys, you very well may develop leaks.

IMG_6931At times, due to weather or old age, individual shingles may go missing or tear off. There’s a pretty good chance that, if your roof is past its prime, you have pieces of torn shingles on your roof. Missing or torn shingles can allow moisture to soak through the underlayment, then on to the plywood. If you don’t act fast, water could leak through to your attic insulation and into your sheetrock. You may notice a wall or ceiling stain and think that it was from a recent weather event, however it’s probably from a slow leak that formed due to missing shingles.  If you see that your roof has missing or torn shingles, call the experts at Master Gutter for roof repair.

A few other signs that you need roof repair or new roof installation is if you see gaps in your chimney flashing. This can be caused by outdated flashing but it can also be caused by damage to the roof surrounding your chimney. Also, if you notice granules in your gutter system it could be a sign that your shingles are crumbling or that you have loose shingles. Another indication that a new roof is needed if you notice there is daylight coming through your roof boards. This means that holes have developed and need to be repaired or that you need roof replacement.

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