Rain Gutter Guards

IMG_6901Keep unwanted debris out of your rain gutters by installing rain gutter guards! Gutter guards, hoods and covers are highly effective in refracting leaves and other debris that can clog downspouts. There are several different types of rain gutter guards, and each one functions in a different way. Investing in gutter guards can be wise, as it will eventually pay for itself. The guards reduce the number of professional cleanings your gutters will need. However, it is important to note that gutter guards cannot completely keep things from going wrong, so even with them installed, your rain gutters should be professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

Although gutter guards do not provide foolproof protection against all the debris that can litter and clog gutters, they are a good investment. Gutter guards are popular for reducing the occurrence of gutter cleanings necessary. You should not have to clean your gutters as frequently once you get gutter guards installed. Please remember, you shouldn’t purchase gutter guards thinking you will never have to clean your downspouts again. If you do, you will likely be disappointed. Gutter guards aren’t a magic cure-all to keeping your rain gutters completely free of debris throughout all the seasons, they just aid in preventing the debris from entering.

What Type of Rain Gutter Guard is Right for Your Los Angeles Home

Know that you know gutter guards will be beneficial to your home, you have to decide which type of guard is right for your home and environment. Below we will discuss the six main types of gutter guards and how they function. It is important to note that, no matter which type of gutter you choose, professional installation is extremely important to ensure proper function.

Reverse curve gutter guards

This type of guard allows water into the gutter through a tiny opening, keeping leaves and debris out. The leaves and debris are supposed to be directed to go straight to the ground.

Mesh gutter guards

Mesh gutter guards feature sheets filled with tiny holes that cover the gutter and attach to the roof shingles. The small holes work better then than the large holes because they don’t clog as easily. The smaller holes work by filtering out the debris and leaves, while letting water fall down into the gutter.

Bottle brush guards

Bottle brush gutter guards feature pokey, up-right bristles that directs debris and leaves to rest on top while water flows into the downspout or gutter underneath. It closely resembles those spikey bristles that prevent birds from landing on things, such as statues.


Nylon gutter guards are popular for places where there are harsh winters. They work well in preventing snow and ice from accumulating in the gutter. They are made to fit into your gutter without attaching to the home’s shingles.

Non-gutter cover

Non-gutter covers actually replace your current rain gutters. They are a set of thin, angled slats that divert rain off the roof.

Foam type

The foam type of gutter guard fits directly into your rain gutters. It is made of plastic and blocks debris that fall from the roof out of the gutters.

Let our rain gutter experts help.

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