Rain Gutter Repair

LA gutters installations can be done within 24 hoursRain gutters and downspouts accumulate and transfer rainwater away from the roof, siding and foundation of the home in order to preserve it. If you did not have rain gutters, water would simply fall straight down, corrode the soil, ruin the siding and damage the foundation. Gutters also prevent basements and crawl spaces from flooding. Since gutters are crucial in assisting the longevity of your home, it is important that they are maintained and repaired as needed.

A home’s rain gutters can become damaged due to varying factors. Elements, such as standing rainwater or severe weather can cause gutters to become damaged. In addition, things as preventable as a clogged gutter that has not been well-maintained or cleaned can cause the need for repairs on your rain gutters.

Why you need to repair damaged rain gutters

Damaged or leaking rain gutters that are not repaired, can rapidly result in a lot of damage to your property. Rain gutters are made to protect your investment from severe water damage. Leaving a leaky section of your rain gutter untreated can cause water to pool and overflow in unwanted areas. Downspouts are placed in certain areas in order to drain rainwater in a safe, effective manner. Gutters that leak can cause severe water damage to your property, which could ruin your walls, cause mold to grow or damage other areas of the home.

How do I know if my rain gutters need repaired?

Damage to rain gutters is just something that cannot be avoided due to the outside elements and normal wear and tear. Proper maintenance and cleaning will help keep the gutters in good working condition, and potentially extend the overall life of the gutter. Seamless rain gutters are a longer-lasting type of gutter and perform better than sectional rain gutters.

Copper Gutter installed in Los Angeles areaRain gutters can also develop holes. The holes start on steel gutters from rust eating away at it. Copper and aluminum rain gutters can become perforated by falling branches, bad weather or harsh tools. It is imperative that any hole or perforation on a rain gutter is fixed right away before it gets worse. If you have an aluminum gutter that isn’t fixed right away, then you could end up seeing electrolytic corrosion start to progress. This is a process that slowly scratches away and damages the entire gutter.

Sectional gutters have joints that keep each section together. Over time, these sections can fail or break apart. If this happens, someone will need to get out to repair the issue right away in order to prevent future damage or damage to the home from an unforeseen rain storm. Even though seamless gutters are more popular, and are said to last longer, they still may require repairs. These types of gutters feature seams where the gutters connect to the corners and to downspout outlets. There is also need for repair if your gutters are drooping, or sagging. Typically gutters are positioned in place with hefty spikes. If a spike loosens, then the gutter can sag or sway and eventually come falling down.

Let our professionals repair your rain gutters professionally for an affordable price!

Rain gutter repair is often something that is better left up to the experts. They can diagnose and repair the issue properly, with the correct tools and safety precautions. Master Gutter offers extensive experience in working with the installation, repair and maintenance of rain gutters. Our knowledgeable staff can give advice and answer any questions you may have. We are proud to serve the greater Los Angeles areas, including several surrounding cities.

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