Rain Gutter Cleaning

IMG_6931What exactly are rain gutters? During a rainstorm, gutters direct water overflow from a home’s roof to where it can drain away from the house. This allows the siding, windows, doors and foundation of your home to not get damaged. Gutters also prevent flooding in basements.

Why It’s Important to Clean you Rain Gutters

Rain gutter systems should be properly cleaned and maintained about twice a year to keep things operating efficiently. If you do not clean or maintain your home’s rain gutters, then leaves and debris can build up inside. This not only stops the gutters from functioning properly, but it can also lead to boards rotting on the house, water damage to the sides of your home, destruction to the foundation and even termite complications.

It is crucial to get your gutters clean after a big downfall of rain. If your gutters are clogged with leaves or debris when it rains heavily, then water will flow out down the side of your house, soaking your home’s foundation and damaging siding and landscaping.

Some people choose to install gutter covers to avoid regular maintenance. They can be sold as mesh screens, clip-on grates, or porous foam. They can help to avoid some maintenance, but remember, even if you have rain gutter guards, you will still need to clean and maintain your homes gutters. Learn more about rain gutter guards here.

What will be done during a rain gutter cleaning?

First, all the loose debris or leaves will be scooped out. Using a special tool, loose debris will be scooped out, beginning at a drain outlet at the low end of a gutter, and working away from the drain outlet. Next a hose is used to blast out the gutters. Each length of the gutter will be washed out with an on-off, high-pressure nozzle attached to the end of a water hose. The nozzle will push debris to the drain outlet. It is very messy, and sometimes a stiff scrub brush is used to remove encrusted dirt.

Any obstructions in drainpipes will be cleaned next. The goal is to get the water to freely drain from the drainpipes, so if it is not, then debris will be flushed down most likely with a hose or a plumber’s auger.

Maintaining you rain gutters in Los Angeles

P1000043Gutters should be inspected and cleared out in both spring and fall. During this maintenance time, dirt that has blown into the gutters may be loosened and scrubbed out. Gutters may also be flushed with a stream of water to clear material that has become wedged in the troughs or downspouts.

During a routine maintenance, the slope of the gutters may need to be adjusted in order to keep water moving toward the downspouts. If the gutters drain slowly, they will be repositioned so that they slope toward the downspouts at a rate of 1/4 inch for every 10 feet. Downspouts are made to eject water away from the home, so if that is not happening, then downspout extenders might be added to carry the water away.

Lastly, during a routine maintenance of your rain gutters, the downspouts will be checked for rust, flaking, or peeling paint. In addition, the rain gutters will be checked for leaks. The rain gutters should be tightly adhered against the fascia boards of the home. The fascia boards will be checked for dry rot or other damage, and they will be replaced if need be.

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